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…”Still Undefeated, And New WBO Junior Flyweight Champion of The World!!”

New Champion Eagerly Awaiting Announcement Of Another Title Fight

Shown happily and proudly standing shoulder-to-shoulder with her father, Joe Estrada, is Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada, (21-0), the new WBO Jr. Flyweight Champion of the World, from East Los Angeles, CA. Boxing fans all over the world will now have to get used to hearing ring announcers declaring her to be the winner in her future title fights. On this night, 7.9.21, she became that Division’s newest title holder with her unanimous decision over Tenkai Tsunami of Japan. Now, as a multi-divisional world title holder, she is at the top of her fight game and wants to defend her titles as often as possible. Let’s all give her the support she needs to stay on top!

    Photo: Erik Sarni, EastLASportsScene.Com

(East Los Angeles, CA) July 11, 2021 [From The Editor’s Desk]: Back in the day, when there was a big headline in our country, whether it was the hottest news or sports story of the day, I recalled this saying when selling one of our city’s daily newspapers –“Hear yea, hear yea! Read all about it!” And, so that type of moment-in-time has re-cycled, if only for this huge, recent Los Angeles and East L.A. sporting headline… Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada, Becomes New WBO Junior Flyweight Champion of the World!! And thus, we bring you our story of this accomplishment in a way that’s near and dear to our hearts at East L.A. Sports Scene. Hope you enjoy our feature.


As soon as the bell sounded to end the title fight, a new era in female boxing, along with an ever-growing national and international pride of, and for, East L.A. began. But, let’s start at the week of fight preparations and move on from there.

In preparation for this much-desired title shot, Estrada had a great training camp and an even better “week of “ training in the build-up to her Junior Flyweight title fight. She has certainly become the newest rising star in women’s pro boxing and with three good days of Golden Boy Promotions management that started with a Tuesday media workout that was made Open to the Public and hundreds of her fans, followed by Wednesday’s Press conference for the Media, and then closing it with Thursday’s weigh-ins once again Open to the Public and held at the Stadium’s mid-level press area.


Our gallery will basically give all of our followers a good look at the day of the fight card, from arrival at the venue, to its configuration as a boxing arena, to seeing the full boxing environment change from daytime to nighttime. You will definitely see the emphasis we placed on capturing Seniesa’s success in the ring, and finishing it during her post-fight session with her many fans who turned out to see her. 

(Fight Recap): The “Perfect Storm” boxing environment was quick to present itself as the challenger, Estrada, strictly followed her Team’s “keys to victory” as well as her father’s and trainer’s fight tactics and disciplines, to the letter. She was quite effective in the areas most influential in a judge’s scoring card—ringmanship, scoring tactics—the consistent throwing of clean-landing punches, combinations, and counter-punches, especially to the body and head, and defensive tactics—the implementation of her ring skills to evade the most threatening or damaging blows to any of her targeted areas by the opponent.

Photo: Edgar Reyes, @er1251 for EastLASportsScene.Com

(Of Significance 1): Seniesa took command early in the fight against the defending Japanese champion, Tenkai Tsunami, and for the full 10 rounds, in the judges’ final decision, unanimously won her co-billed main event on the highly touted and promoted Golden Boy Promotions boxing card, Friday, July 9, 2021.


Keep in mind these two facts…1) Each round lasted for only 2 minutes in this bout; and 2) Seniesa is an orthodox fighter, but can quickly adapt to a southpaw stance at the throwing, and follow-through of a right-handed punch. This tactic would prove to be highly advantageous in her ability: 1) to score convincingly while landing punches; 2) to confuse her opponent; and most importantly, 3) to impress the judges round-by-round and of course, throughout the title fight.

As a DAZN subscriber to the fight, I made strong notice of a very notable difference in the two fighters “corner work” and fighter recovery issues. Seniesa’s were easily seen at a higher standard compared to the Champion’s.

While on Tsuanmi’s side, it was noted that her Manager was quite late in hopping into the ring to immediately be with his fighter at the conclusion of several rounds, losing valuable time in advising her, or in making any appropriate adjustments to her status of the fight. Lastly, her “corner-second”, from the Yamaki Gym, seemed to be relegated to providing only some occasional sips of water to Tsunami.

In the overall media televised glitz given to the match by DAZN, it greatly benefitted Estrada, as she fit the look of her “Super Bad” nickname and her increasingly popular reputation. Couple that with the tremendous show of her East L.A. home “fight-night” crowd in attendance and overall L.A. boxing fan support that was added to the full ledger side of advantages for Estrada, and it was clear that she was definitely feeling the pride, strength, and inspiration of all of her supporting casts.

(Of Significance #2): The Final Punch-Stats give those all-critical comparisons of the bout, as shown in these two graphics. They literally tell the full story on the title’s change of possession as awarded to Seniesa. Notice the large amount of punches thrown and know that Seniesa changed her rhythms from “body-body-head” and then reversed that cycle at will. What does the future have in store now for the new Champion out of East L.A?— we kindly and interestingly ask the boxing experts and analysts. Your answers please…..

And, from our reporting platform here at East L.A. Sports Scene, the resounding new appeal that Estrada has must be placed in its proper perspective. She may need to look for greener pastures by fighting outside of the USA and perhaps in Europe (Germany, England, France, Slovakia, etc.) or in Asia (China, Japan, Thailand) to attract competitors who may be approaching her skills-set and experience. What say you, the boxing fan? Please let us know by making your comments and sending them in to us on our Social Media platforms.

In looking back on the promotion of the Golden Boy card, a big round of applause please for veteran Ring Announcer, Joe Martinez, who put in a fantastic night of work showing a great attachment to our local boxing culture, his stylish ring presence, and his impeccable “pre-fight” introductions.

Out of the four “Live Streamed” bouts on DAZN, the showcasing of Seniesa’s “near-Hollywood Academy Award performance” was superbly presented to its audience and greatly appreciated “in-person” by the thousands of Southern California and East Los Angeles boxing fans who made it out of their homes and came to the beautiful Banc of California Stadium to come to a boxing event. Also give much credit to those fans who may have been coming home from completing their work-shifts on a beautiful Friday night in our City of the Angels. All apparently were very pleased and glad to witness one of our most famous Angels now, as she took on her well-deserved role as our Ambassador of Women’s Pro Boxing to a great new level. ¡Que Viva—Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada!

In not forgetting the other featured bouts on the Golden Boy card, we proclaim huge Congrats to Michael Zepeda, JoJo Diaz, Jr., and the Main eventer, Gilberto “El Zurdo de Oro” Ramirez for their well-earned victories. A good question that rose up from the fans who came–when will there be another card at the Banc of California Stadium venue? We’ll do our very best to get an answer from Oscar De La Hoya himself as soon as we are granted media credentials to request interviews and attendance at his next promotion. Stand-by and hope for the best.


***[Special Note From The Editor]: Because this is one of the biggest sports stories emanating out of our great East L.A. community, it’s fitting for those fans who may not know the full story of Seniesa’s rise to fame, to learn more about it from this correspondent’s personal perspective. I can recall and share with you her earliest days of training at the Hollenbeck Youth Center when it was still regarded as one of the Meccas of local youth boxing. I vividly remember that two of its best amateur and eventual Olympic Games boxing protégés of that era, Paul Gonzales (1984) and Oscar De La Hoya (1992) also trained in the facility for their appearances in the Los Angeles and Barcelona Games respectively. Under the close and tight observance of her dad, Joe, she always put in the hard and sweaty gym work as she honed her amateur skills training and sparring with many boys in her age category, due to a profound lack of girls that were attracted to the sport at that time, the late 90s. All of that was done in her quest for those most coveted trophies that went to the winners of all youth boxing shows at the time.

I will always remember the early, but golden days of her career as she trained at the Center. Over time, her expressions changed to looking, and becoming more comfortable as a pre-teen, and then as a growing and maturing teen-aged female boxer. When it was time, she swiftly moved on to greener pastures and ultimately into the pro ranks of the sport. And now, some twenty years after her humble and hard beginnings, to see her winning this title in the manner she did, we all must get behind her in her competitive drive for even greater excellence and dominance in a sport where she can make, not only a legendary name for herself, but also the money she so richly deserves. For her time, dedication, love of the sport, her role-modeling to the next generations of Seniesas, and her forever commitment to excellence, we simply proclaim a big “Right On” and a heartfelt “Si Se Puede” to Super Bad Seniesa!! 

It is agreed by most of today’s boxing experts and analysts that the recognition, appreciation, and valuations of her accomplishments are there. Now, it’s that time to see her defend those titles in more timely manners and to enjoy the prosperous wealth that goes along with it. Last thought…Champ, you are not only Super Bad, you are a Super Hero to all of us!! Keep showing us the way!!! La Raza stands with you. Last words…¡Mil Gracias! to “Super Bad” for coming over to say Hello after the weigh-ins. It truly meant a lot. 



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