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Sports World Immediately Forced To Call Unwanted Time-Out | COVID-19

Testing, Social Distancing, and Patience Needed To Quell The Gradual Spread Of Killer Virus


(East Los Angeles)—On March 12, 2020, the terrorizing and globally spreading pandemic, AKA, Coronavirus or COVID 19completely “Blindsided” most American professional major sports leagues with their regularly programmed schedule of games/events, and most importantly, their unfailing and enormously loyal fan-bases, with a blow felt around the world. This nasty and powerful “knockdown punch” cleanly, and invisibly, landed on its unsuspecting targets (all of us) without the slightest sign or realization that we ever saw it coming. Now it’s up to us to get back up on our feet, regather, restore, and redouble our efforts to answer the next bell and continue to fight on. Let’s all hope and pray that we will survive this next round and then rally on to a decisive and unanimous win!! 


  • To keep all of our Followers “up-to-date” on our production efforts, here is what to expect in the foreseeable “short-term” future.

1.) We will wait for the official authorization of the CIF/LA City Section (CIF/LACS) and the CIF/Southern Section (CIF/SS) to resume the “Live Stream” coverage of the 2020 Spring sports, (should it be declared possible), of our local high schools that we brought to you via the NFHSNetwork.Com during the already completed Fall and Winter sports seasons;

2.) We will attempt to resume our “In-Studio” and whenever necessary, our “Field” productions, hoping to attract individuals from various levels of our local sporting teams and schools, that can provide us with any new programming and informational insights to the sport that they are affiliated with, whether they be commissioners, coaches, athletic directors, or players;

3.) The L.A. City Rec. & Parks Department  has closed all of their local centers. The L.A. County Rec. & Parks Department’s status can be found on this linkIf you would like to share any information re: new or adaptive community sports and recreational activities that would benefit our followers and communities, please give us a call at (323) 723-2830. We’ll be glad to share them. Thanks!

4.) We advise our followers, and those who are also parents, to contact our local private, non-profit community recreation centers such as the Variety Boys & Girls Clubs, Salesian Family Youth Center, the YMCA Youth Institute, (and all others you may know of), and speak with one of their staff members to learn of their current offerings of youth and adult programs for their registered members.

5.) We will announce the publishing of any new content and/or the dissemination of any important Community Centers’ ALERTS through our Social Media Platforms. You can also browse our website for updates from time-to-time during these next two weeks, or begin on April 1st. 

As everyone now is aware, the NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA, XFL, PGA, Auto Racing, etc. have canceled, postponed, or suspended many of their currently scheduled events. Other sports to closely watch for suspensions, cancellations, or programmed without fans in attendance, will be Professional Boxing, WWE, UFC/MMA, and Tennis. The pending new seasons for MLB and the WNBA are also likely to be suspended or given a new start date if no remedy or antidote is found soon. And likewise, if not before late Spring, the 2020 SummerTokyo Olympic Games and the 2020 NFL season may also be in the same jeopardy. 

In closing this message from our entire East L.A. Sports Scene Productions staffwe profoundly hope, and solemnly pray that you, your families, and your special loved ones will stay vigilant, resilient, and healthy during these next few weeks, possibly months, or whenever it is finally declared that the Coronavirus no longer presents a daily threat to all of us. We will get through this together, hopefully through our attention to the following: 1) compliance with all anti-virus governmental instructions made to the public; 2) containment, as directed by all levels of our nation’s Public Health Departments and, lastly, 3) the administration of mass testing and immunization programs for all. As always, Stay Healthy, Be Careful, and more importantly, Be Back!!

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