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Second Small Merchants “Pop-Up” Shop Held In East L.A.

For 2020 Thanksgiving We Highlight Our Community’s “Pop-Up” Entrepreneurs

Photo Credits: Erik Sarni, East L.A. Sports Scene; Vince Guillen, Jr.

(East Los Angeles, CA) November 25, 2020 [From The Editor’s Desk]: On Sunday, November 22nd, my producer, Erik Sarni and I, attended a small business “Pop-Up” Shop to meet up with our very good friend, Marco Juarez, owner of MadWorldByMarx. I had been waiting for the best opportunity to meet him to discuss another East L.A. Sports Scene order for some new baseball hats. Not only did we gladly meet, to my great surprise, I was introduced to my first “Pop-Up” Shop in our Community. There were ten small business owners from East L.A. who had returned for their second consecutive month to the Civic Center Plaza parking lot, at 203 So. Mednik Ave., East L.A. 90022. It was anchored and co-sponsored by the highly popular, and successful owner of  SoCal Burger’s Chill & Grill, Mr. Tony Gomez.

All merchants and staffers of their booths were held to be in compliance of the L.A. County’s Health and Public Safety COVID-19 codes and standards. The event was held from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Their third “Pop-Up” is planned for sometime in December, pending the results of the current State & L.A. County Dept. of Public Health guidelines. 

(Photo Gallery):

We now bring you a brief introduction of several of these young, and family-centric entrepreneurs.

East L.A. Sports Scene’s very good friend, Marco Juarez, is a longtime and well-known small merchant in our community and operates under his Mad World By Marx trademark, that’s tagged on all of his merchandise. He is also the original contractor of our East L.A. Sports Scene baseball hats. Marco was present to promote and sell his patented East Los, East L.A. designed baseball hats, some new Lakers and Dodgers Championship items, and his own fast-growing line of face-masks. He has also added a most recent addition to his inventory, lapel pins that commemorate the 2020 Dodgers and Lakers Championships. There are many other historic, scenic, and iconic East L.A. designed lapel pins in his new product. Follow him on Instagram @MadWorldByMarx

As a partner in the arrangement of creating the “Pop-Up” is Vince Guillen, Jr., owner of 32 Soles, Reseller & Brand. His main product is form-fitting designer, and specialty socks. He has brought into the market, a very  good-looking brand that bear the logos of our Pro sports teams like the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, Chargers, and, yes, even the Raiders, plus other highly popular designs of characters and historical events, to name a few. His T-shirts promote his personal motto, “Leave A Legacy.”  To inquire about joining the next “Pop-Up,” you may contact Vince by Email at, his Instagram: @_32Soles, and Facebook: 32_Soles 

Another small business enterprise that caught our eyes was the Boss Babe’s Bracelets Booth, that specializes in both Women’s and Men’s stylish, contemporary, and newly designed bracelets for ordinary wearers and sports fans. You can find their new line of bracelets that show the Dodgers, Lakers and Rams spelled out on beads. Priced very reasonably, you’ll also find an excellent array of hand-crafted bracelets that easily can serve as gifts to family and friends on special occasions, like birthdays, or just as an enhancement to your regular daily wardrobe and life style. Custom orders are also taken per your specifications. A nice looking array of face-masks is also now available. The entrepreneurs can be found on Instagram:@BossBabeBracelets 

Next on our list was the Mijitos Chilitos booth. This small business specializes in creating a flavored candy dipped in a special type of chile that is tasty and mellow to your taste buds. This is one of those blending of innovative and creative food recipes that are always distinct, different, and  very popular in our culture and our community in these settings. This family “owned-and-operated” businesses specializes in Chamoy Candies, Fruit/Rim Dip and more. The flavoring comes in Spicy and Non-Spicy. You can reach the owners on Instagram@mijitos_chilitos

We certainly couldn’t leave the “Pop-Up” without sampling the Amor Chile offering of the day. Their booth was staffed by the Guillen Family, with Frances, Vince’s sister, (shown in photo) and both of their parents, during the event. From our salsa picante to chile rojo, to chile verde, there is always a new blending of spices and imaginative ways for the Guillen Family’s creations to liven up our taste buds. If you’d like to experience a truly different taste of the various types of chiles, from extremely, to moderately, and then to mildly hot, you’ll want to try the special recipe that Frances and her parents have now made to the public. You can reach her at (323) 602-4845, by Email at, on Instagram @Amor.chile, or Facebook: Amorchile.salsa.

Last, but certainly not least was the anchor-business  known widely across the County and East L.A. as SoCal Burgers, Chill & Grill. Owner, Tony Gomez, has made the “Pop-Up” experience a reality for many of these promising small business owners to expose their wares, their services, their food, and their products to not only our East L.A. community, but beyond it as well. You can’t miss when ordering a delicious Whittier Blvd. DogInstagram @socalburgers 

To close, although we are still in the terrible grasp of the COVID-19 virus, we hope that you, our longtime and our newest followers/viewers, will keep your sights set on coming out to the next “Pop-Up” in this same location, as soon as our State and L.A. County Public Safety & Health permissions are once again granted to SoCal Burgers and this group of our local community entrepreneurs. If you are a small business owner and interested in joining the “Pop-Up,” go to Vince Guillen Jr.’s social media platforms as noted above. And, the platform is great for more information, a review, and a good look at both of these past two events. 


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