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Rams Salute Garfield’s Hernandez As “Coach Of The Year”

Rams Award Goes To Prominent Coach. Much Appreciated By East L.A.

(East Los Angeles, CA) June 29, 2021 [From The Editor’s Desk): In a very timely and worthy community outreach gesture, the Los Angeles Rams and its Director of Social Justice & Football DevelopmentJohnathan Franklin, made the sporting news of the day in our East L.A. community when they collaborated via a “Zoom” meeting to present their current player, Sebastian Joseph-Day, as well as recognizing the Garfield HS Football team, and honoring its Head Coach for the past 20 years, Lorenzo Hernandez, as its “Coach Of The Year” (COY).

Here’s what happened at 3:00 pm on Tuesday, June 15th. Los Angeles Rams fourth year Defensive Tackle, #69/Sebastian Joseph-Day/26 yrs. of age/6-4/310 lbs/Rutgers University, paid a “Virtual-Live Zoom” visit to a large cluster of student-athletes currently on the Garfield High School football team and engaged them on his “keys” to success as member of the Rams. He also recognized their Head Coach, Lorenzo Hernandez, as the Rams’ High School “Coach of the Year.” 

During the 45 minute event which was moderated by Johnathan Franklin, the former outstanding football alum from Dorsey HS and UCLAJoseph-Day used this platform to motivate and address the players and several assistant coaches who were in attendance. Sebastian discussed his childhood, his football journey, and his perseverance in becoming a highly valued member of one of the most popular NFL teams of all-time.

After fielding several questions from the team, and then giving his closing remarks, Joseph-Day then totally surprised Coach Hernandez with a generous $5,500.00 donation from the Rams in support of Garfield’s football program.

Photo Credit: Juan Lainez – Memorable Images

Throughout his 20-year stint at Garfield High School, and attesting to his overall record, Coach Hernandez, has registered (12) CIF/L.A. City Section (LACS) Eastern League Championships, one (3-A) CIF/LA City Section (LACS) Championship, and one (4-A) CIF State/Regional Championship. He also took his Garfield Bulldogs to their first-ever (4-A) CIF State Title game in 2019.

Here is the Thank You statement from Garfield Head Coach, Lorenzo Hernandez“I am very humbled to receive such a distinguished award. However, I truly believe that it is an overall representation of all of our support staff, scholar athletes, administrators, and school community. There is no way I would have received such an amazing honor without the unselfish work and loyal support of our coaching staff. I appreciate the  love that the Los Angeles Rams have provided to our amazing Garfield High School, our football program, and the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Photo Credit: Juan Lainez – Memorable Images

This award, in my opinion, provides renewed hope for a full football season and also redemption to never forget those that were lost during the pandemic within the East L.A. community, and our country as a whole. Lastly, I thank my family for the continued support and for allowing me to do this thing called coaching for over 20 years. Again, I thank all of those that have helped me receive such an amazing honor and have allowed me to be in such a position to make a difference in today’s youth.”

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams

Johnathan Franklin, the Rams event coordinator and moderator, added his remarks. “We were excited as an organization to highlight and celebrate the Los Angeles Rams Coach of the Year, Lorenzo Hernandez. For over 20 years, Coach Hernandez has been a leader in the classroom as a teacher, while being viewed as a coach, mentor, and father figure on the football field.  

Our program included Los Angeles Rams Nose-Tackle, Sebastian Joseph-Day, sharing his story with the entire Garfield High School Football team. Sebastian touched on the theme going “Pro in Life.” Having success both on and off the field. He spoke about perspective, identity, education, and character, which was prompted by several of Coach Hernandez’s players engaging Sebastian asking questions.

It was a powerful moment, as Sebastian was able to surprise coach with a financial contribution of $5,500 for winning the Los Angeles Rams Coach of the Year.”

Since returning home to Los Angeles in 2016, the Rams have recognized five High School Coach of the Year (COY) honorees and donated a total of $13,500.00 to benefit each of their high school football programs.

(Special Thanks To): Chase Isaacs, Los Angles Rams, Manager, Corporate Communications. Roster Photo of Sebastian Joseph-Day used in Video, Courtesy of Los Angeles Rams.  

To follow the Rams for this upcoming season, go to their website by clicking here.

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