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Rams Kupp Runneth Over With Miraculous Performance

Super Bowl LVI Win & World Championship Caps Dream Season

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams

Photo-Graphic Credit: Los Angeles Rams

(East Los Angeles, CA) February 19, 2022  [From the Editor’s Desk]: The NFL’s biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, certainly took place in Inglewood, aka the City of Champions, but it was really a majority of City, County of Los Angeles, and the vast territories of Southern California that also laid claim to the Rams franchise as belonging to them as well. All rooted for the same team during the annual and largest American sports spectacle for the past 56 years. It marked only the team’s fifth appearance in its history, but this time, there would be no denying the Rams a much-awaited victory with their ever-dramatic and consistent coming-from-behind to win the biggest of stakes. 

Photo-Graphic Credit: Los Angeles Rams

If you believed in our coverage during this fantastic playoff drive, then voice your support of the Rams. These two Bands of Brothers were led into this battle of the fittest and the best, by their dedicated, most unflappable, and youngest NFL Head Coach ever. And together their one TEAM stood the test that awaited them and delivered the biggest win of all. A phenomenal victory achieved for all that mattered greatly to them, their teammates, Coaches, Families. and most of all their longtime and loving Rams fans from here, there, and everywhere. This dynamic victory will continue to showcase the greatness of this team in the coming months. And to show our strong support for the team, thousands of us who are of Mexican-American, Chicano, Mexicano, and Latino heritage, say “Muchas Gracias” to the Rams for what they have awakened, and deeply inspired in all of us.

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams

(Our Super Bowl LVI Overview): Framed in a large Hollywood Who’s Who List, and with a celebrities galore Super Game-Day environment, it certainly was compelling to discern the inter-twining perspectives and comparisons. First, through our comprehensive East L.A. Sports Scene lens, the pre-game ESPN Saturday Prime-Time interview with Chicano actor and business owner, Danny Trejo, was a great way to begin the viewing for the next day’s activities. That was followed on Game Day by the appearance of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as he announced the teams’ intros. Also included in the Rams House were actors, hundreds of VIPs, sports teams’ All-Stars, and politicians of many levels.  Include all of the greatly expected half-time “Hip-Hop” groups, musicians, and a military fly over. It was also great to know that the NFL made ticket giveaways possible to many underprivileged families & business owners. Rounding-out the entire spectacle was our expectations for the unveiling of all the new commercials. There couldn’t have been a better script written for fans as sport remains a great unifier for the love, good, and pride for our City of Angels. And lastly, but not to forget the overshadowing and highly discriminatory challenge faced by former Dolphins Head Coach, Brian Flores. While perhaps not at the top of everyone’s mind now, the issue will be closely monitored by advocacy groups, NFL football fans, and citizens across the nation.

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams

(Brief Game Summary): {1st Qtr} The Rams received due to the Bengals deferring. The Rams, in their road white and blues, showed their scoring hand on their 2nd drive when they went 50 yds in 6 plays resulting in a 17 yard TD pass from #9 Matt Stafford to #3 Odell Beckham, Jr. After the Matt Gay PAT they were up (7-0) with (6:56) remaining. On the Bengals 3rd drive of the period, #9/QB/Joe Burrow took them down to the Rams 11 yard line after a mixture of plays by RB/Joe Mixon and a 46 yard reception by Ja’marr Chase. But, they failed to capitalize as the Rams defense stiffened and then Cincinnati Coach, Zac Taylor brought in their premiere place-kicker, Evan McPherson, who drove a 29 yard field goal through for the points. It came with just (:11) seconds remaining. The score was now Rams  7, Bengals 3. Time of Possession: Rams (9:48)  Bengals (5:12)

{2nd Qtr} The Rams came back on their next possession to start the quarter and at the (12:45) mark, after gaining big chunks of yardage on completions, first to Odell Beckham, Jr. and then to Darrell Henderson, Jr. for 25, the Rams were prepared to strike again for a TD, this time on a perfect 17 yard catch by Cooper Kupp. The Rams were now up (13-0) and it remained that way only after a rare miscue on the PAT by holder Johnny Hekker.

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams

The Bengals re-gathered and began a 75 yard, 12 play score after a series of runs by Mixon, and catches by Chase moved them to the Rams 6 yard line. On 2nd & goal, the Bengals played their “trickery” card when Coach Taylor called a running back pass/option right, and after handing off to Mixon, he found Tee Higgins all alone in the end zone for an easy (6) at the (5:52) mark. Their PAT closed the score to Rams 13 Bengal 10. The period ended with no further scoring.

(HALF-TIME SCORE): Rams  13  Bengals  10

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams

{3rd Qtr} The Bengals were rewarded for their coin-toss decision by receiving the kick-off. They wasted no time in going “quick strike” offense on the first play of the period, as Burrow unloaded a deep sideline bomb for Tee Higgins. He was covered in “man-to-man” by #5/Jalen Ramsey, but the officials were not in position to see Higgins push Ramsey away with a clear “face-mask” grabbing infraction. The “no-call” by the officials was not reviewable and Higgins was given credit for the 75 yard TD reception. Ramsey had fallen right at the push-off and Higgins went in untouched. New score, with the PAT, Bengals 17  Rams  10. The Bengals got the ball back and at the (10:09) mark managed to get McPherson within his range for a successful field goal attempt of 38 yards. The score then moved to Bengals 20, Rams 13. The Rams salvaged a drive when they moved Gay into a successful placekick from 41 yards out. This cut the margin to Bengals 20, Rams 16 at the (6:10) mark of the quarter.

{4th Qtr} After two consecutive “3 & outs” the Rams took possession at the (6:13) mark on the game-clock. This is where the Rams fortunes were going to rely on their patented, and late “A-Game” come-from-behind scoring drives, engineered most competently by their veteran leader and QB/Matt Stafford. Big plays were forthcoming from #10/Cooper Kupp and were they ever huge. Coming first, a gigantic “4th & 1” play-call on a jet sweep right by Kupp. The timing had to be exact, and it was for Kupp to pick up the 1st down easily. Then a slant was good for 22 more yards, putting the ball on the Bengals 24 yardline. Another pass to Kupp was good for a gain of 8 to the 16. Coach McVay then called on Cam Akers for a run and he picked up another 8 yards, putting the ball at the Bengals 8. After the two-minute warning, the Rams came back with 3 incompletions, however on the 3rd pass, Cincinnati was called for a defensive holding penalty, giving the Rams a first down at the 4. On the next play, what appeared to be TD from Stafford to Kupp from a yard out, the referees rendered offsetting penalties and nullified the play. With time running out, the Rams got a call when the Bengals were called for pass-interference at the (1:34) mark. It was still 1st and goal when Stafford was stopped for no gain on a “keeper.” Then, with (1:29) remaining, Stafford took the snap, stood straight up, looked quickly to his right and found Cupp open on a beautiful timing pattern. He easily gathered it in for the “go-ahead” TD. The score was now Rams (23), Bengals (20).

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams

But once again, the drama and the “nitty-gritty” time was awaiting the Rams “pumped-up” defensive unit. The Bengals line of scrimmage to start their drive was at their 25. Joe Burrow completed two passes for 26 yards up to the Rams 49. That was followed with an incomplete pass and a run for no gain. This left the Bengals with their biggest “4th & 1″ still at the Rams 49. And, on the next, and hugest play of the game, with his patented strong-armed Aaron Donald pass rush, he was successful in wrapping up Burrow, who similar to the 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo’s pass in the NFC title game, had it wobble out of his hand and onto the field with just (:43) seconds left. At that point, the Rams knew they were going to Super Bowl LVI. Stafford took the victory knee formation to end the game which started the tremendous on-field celebration!

(FINAL SCORE): Rams  23  Bengals  20

 It was an amazing and unforgettable performance by the two best position players ever seen in a Super Bowl game…some experts say, bar NONE! With the game on the line and in front of an estimated 40,000 of their home fans, the Rams were trailing very late in the game when every fan inside of SOFI Stadium, stood to their feet to heartily and thunderously cheer their Rams on to victory. And what a Super-Performance everyone witnessed!! Head Coach, Sean McVay, and his “Big Three” of Stafford, Kupp, and Donald ALL stepped up and delivered as only they could.

The Team’s much-awaited Victory parade, sponsored by the City, took place on Wednesday, 2/16. It started at the Shrine Auditorium, turned left onto Jefferson Blvd. and then right onto Figueroa St. From there it traveled southbound, passing USC’s eastern side of its campus, crossed Exposition Blvd. and then about a half mile later, arrived at the eastern or peristyle end of the Coliseum, where the huge stage was set up for the celebration. The estimated crowd of 20,000 delirious Rams fans, who made their way to cheer their heroes on even more, enjoyed every minute in the beautiful and sunny day that was made just for this occasion.

(Closing Thoughts): The congratulatory, celebratory, and customary Civic Parade for the public to witness and experience their World Championship TEAM, closely aligns, and certainly overlaps to a large degree, the Rams fan-base with the Dodgers and Lakers fan-bases and the ever-growing pride and love for our City and its sports-loving residents.



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