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Rams Honor MLK Jr.’s Memory In Most Unique Ways

Team Uses Images & Technology To Convey Situational Awareness RE: Dr. King’s Messages

(Photo Courtesy): Los Angeles Rams

(East Los Angeles, CA) January 19, 2022 [From The Editor’s Desk]: We begin our story with the grateful recognition of the Los Angeles Rams tremendous endeavors to render a most distinct homage, coupled with their extraordinary tributes to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on this, his National Memorial Holiday of 1/17/22. In a very good and timely way it coincided with the historic and first-ever NFL Wild Card Playoff” game featured on the NFL’s broadcast of Monday Night Football. With over 74,000 fans in attendance at SoFi Stadium and millions more watching and/or listening to a game of this magnitude, it felt important enough to me that the connection between this game and Dr. King be highlighted and shared to the maximum degree possible with ALL, whether you are a Rams fan or not, and to this day, with those who remain fervent believers in all that he stood, fought, and prayed for, in his short but powerful 39 years of life. We will bring you our full game coverage within the next few days. Thanks for your patience in that regard.

{Summary of Game Action Tributes Taken To Honor Dr. King’s Legacy}

  • Rams players wore “MLK” helmet decals along with helmet bumpers that read: “Be Love” and “Stop Hate” during the game.

    (Photo Courtesy): Los Angeles Rams

  • During warmups, Rams players wore t-shirts featuring the words “Justice”, “Equity”, “Empowerment”, “Empathy”, “Inclusion”, and “Integrity”. Flags with those words were on display as the Rams took the field during player introductions.

    (Photo Courtesy): Los Angeles Rams

  • Stenciled in both end-zones on the field were phrases that read: “Be Love” and “End Racism”.

(Photo Credit) Rico Cabrera, Sr./East L.A. Sports Scene

  • During the pre-game, a video, that showed several Rams players reading Dr. King quotes, was displayed on the Infinity Screen.

  • Proceeds from the game’s “50/50” raffle proceeds were designated to support social justice organizations throughout Los Angeles that are doing critical work in their communities.

(Photo Credit): Rico Cabrera, Sr./East L.A. Sports Scene

  • Four Inglewood students, Laila Bell, Aniyah Brooks, Keiber Estrada and Cherish Kelly were recognized as winners of the City of Inglewood’s MLK Day Essay contest in American Airlines Plaza as part of the “Countdown to Kickoff Show” during pre-game. During the show, Aniyah Brooks recited her own variation of Dr. King’s famous “I Have A Dream Speech” with a passage from her essay “The Urgent Need to Help Others.” Each winner was also provided with three tickets to the “Wild Card” matchup.  


(Photo Credit): Rico Cabrera, Sr./ East L.A. Sports Scene

In closing, I’d like to include Head Coach Sean McVay’s answer to the question that I posed to him during the Rams Post-Game Press Conference with over 30 media outlets in attendance. I asked him for this thoughts and feelings on this, his special and very unique experience as the Rams Team Leader. His reply was…“I think it’s special to be able to be the first team to play on this special day with such a special man that had such an impact on the way that we operate moving forward. It’s amazing to be able to kind of have a tribute to him and I thought our guys did a great job recognizing him with the way they played today and, really, as a connected team. That’s the most important thing. I think one of the things that great leaders do like Dr. King, they make all the situations they’re a part of, and they bring people together. And that’s what I think our team demonstrated today.”

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