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Northeast L.A.’s “Outdoor Marketplace” Comes Again Saturday

Shop the Marketplace To Meet-Up With Friends & Family.

Photo Courtesy: Jojo's Place & Friends

(East Los Angeles, CA) March 16, 2021 (From The Editor’s Desk): As a community public service, we are happy to inform our followers that the third community Outdoor Market Place, hosted by JoJo’s Place & Friends with the Village Mart  & Deli, will take place on Saturday, March 20th. The marketplace is a combined group of small business entrepreneurs’ gathering and bringing a new place to life where the community, families and friends can enjoy a little outdoor shopping in a safe environment all while supporting local small businesses. The marketplace is hosted every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. The venue location is at The Village Mart & Deli, 2200 N. Soto St. (bottom of the hill near Wilson HS-Los Angeles), at the corner of Multnomah & Soto Streets, L.A 90032from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. All guests may park in the rear of the Deli or street park on Multnomah.

The event flyer, seen in the photo gallery, gives more information and details about the featured vendors and the different types of goods and merchandise that are available for purchase by talented community small business owners. Hopefully many of you can find some time to slip away from your residence for some outdoor relaxation to safely shop for some favorite boutique items whether they are handicrafts, jewelry, gifts, collectibles, some incredible home-made sweets, keto, organic  foods, the latest in style apparel, and much, much more. For new vendor inquiries and opportunities to join Jojo’s Place & Friends Outdoor Marketplace, please contact the exclusive event coordinator, Annette Jojola-Vasquez at 626.421-8946  or Direct Message (DM)  her on Instagram @jojos_ _ place. April dates have been scheduled for the 3rd and the 17th. See Flyer in photo gallery. Vendor spaces fill rather quickly, so don’t be late in requesting yours. 

Photo Gallery Credits: JoJo’s Place & Friends   

To share the personal touch of what this marketplace means, Jojo’s Place was created to honor Annette’s belated grandmother, Aurora Jojola, a prior resident of Hillside Village who passed away in 2011. Grandma Rori was very crafty from sewing aprons, to her hand-painted holiday candy jars. She was the original owner of Jojo’s Place back in 2000 in her little home with a few of her close girlfriends, her three daughters, and granddaughter offering a boutique setting during the holidays. Motivating and inspiring them all to create, teaching them family tradition and creating the legacy. Annette’s vision was to make her grandma’s dream come to fruition in a grander scheme, organizing and eventually building what we know today as Jojo’s Place & Friends Outdoor Pop-Up Family. This type of friendly gathering of neighborhood artisans and crafters similar to when many local families were handicraft artisans, primarily women of that time in 2006, would gather together informally and share their stories on how they best sold their wares in their “Barrios” and at other popular family gatherings.

Fast forward to today, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s overwhelming control of many of our basic “day-to-day” activities, lo and behold, the Pop-Up Marketplace reality has become the new path to follow for creating new business opportunities through the sales of contemporary and excellent handcrafted goods. In essence, the word is spreading quickly and into a greater number of our diverse communities from East L.A. and Beyond.

Also know Annette’s right-hand man and husband, Richard A. Vasquez, alumni of Wilson HS, Class of 1985, is a member of JoJo’s Place Staging and, would like to invite many of his former classmates to come out and support the event.

Last words and thoughts……The “Pop-Up Marketplace” concept is becoming very popular in many communities in Southern California. And, as we are all doing our best to combat the spread of the pandemic, as well as the avoidance of becoming infected, we have also taken into account that there have been gradual easing of restrictions on a multiple number of regular businesses in all areas of the City and County. With that thought in mind, JoJo’s Place & Friends of the Village Mart & Deli hope that you will come out and take a good look for yourself and enjoy a part of your day spending it with our great local merchants and handicraft artisans from our communities. 

COVID/Public Health & Safety Reminder…All current Federal CDC, State, County, and City Public Health Safety Codes and Regulations will be in effect. Masks and face-coverings are required. Strict adherence will be given to the social distancing measure of 6 feet as well as having an abundant availability of hand sanitizing agents. Hoping that all of you who attend will have a very safe shopping, as well as a great social experience on Saturday.  


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