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Dodgers Face Another “Must-Win” To Survive

All Hands On Deck Needed Tonight

(East Los Angeles, CA) October 21, 2021 [From The Editor’s Desk]: What could go wrong, did go wrong for the Big Blue in Game 5. The much expected breakout of more long-balls and extra base-hitting, that produced their dramatic first win of the Series on Tuesday, did not happen for the 53,000 D0dger fans at yesterday’s Game 4. And the unexpected pitching performance of Julio Urías and the bullpen did not make the game easy to watch or to accept the outcome of (9-2). 

Again, there was not enough time to analyze, criticize, or second-guess Manager Dave Roberts for all of the moves that have been made up to this point of the series. But, do keep in mind that this is the same path the Dodgers traveled on in last season’s NLCS. Question now is, will history repeat itself beginning tonite. For that we must go back out to the Stadium for this match-up.

(Game 4 Recap): Plain and simple truth, the super “hot” bat of Eddie Rosario, the awakening of Freddie Freeman’s bat, the stepping up of Adam Duvall, Travis D’arnaud, add in Joc Pederson’s timely hitting and fielding, and Ozzie Albies’ keen base running skills, all have been blended together and have propelled the Braves into the driver’s seat up to this point of the Series. And, not to forget about Manager Brian Snitker’s pitching staff. It definitely says a lot about the total Braves team effort that has been displayed during their entire play-off run.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers will have to begin this game by manufacturing runs to the best that they can. And, perhaps, Dave Roberts has a trick card up his sleeve, and will play it tonight in an attempt to reshape his starting line-up. But it will take a masterful pitching effort by designated starter, R-H/Joe Kelly to keep Atlanta’s bats and baserunners in check. On the other hand, the Dodgers must get to L-H/Max Fried asap in this game.

Again, this is why they play these games. To declare a winner and keep the fan-bases of each team humming along at a very good clip is of utmost importance. Remember the Babe Ruth quote I used in yesterday’s story..“Never let the Fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Let’s Go Dodgers! and !Sí se puede!

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