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Dodgers Countdown To Mexican Heritage Day

Upcoming Historic Day For Fans and Dodgers To Celebrate

(East Los Angeles, CA) May 12, 2022 [From The Editor’s Desk]: Attention all Dodgers fans, of Mexicano, Mexican-American, and Chicano Heritages, the event of this young season is only (5) more days away and counting. This story is being published now for all of our fans and followers who would like to participate in this unique “split double-header” format, the first-time ever promoted by the Dodgers and supported 100% by Major League Baseball. (MLB). All details are included in the promo shown below. All that’s left is for you to make your purchase(s).

To purchase your tickets quickly and easily, just click here.


The Big Blue Wrecking Crew continues to play excellent, and winning baseball. At the time of this writing, they are in 1st place in the Standings with an overall record of (20-9) and are currently in their 3rd Homestand of the season. They open a 3-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies tonite.

Let’s take this special opportunity during Mexican Heritage Day/Night to enjoy one of our communities favorite sports while showing our pride at the same time. There’s only one place here in Southern California that we know of where our young children’s dreams of playing baseball, and we might also say softball, begin to take shape, and that’s without a doubt at Dodger Stadium. Vámonos Dodgers!


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