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L.A. Dodgers

Dodgers Climb Back Into Series With Gigantic Win

Big Blue Can Pull Even With Good Outing by Urías

Photo: Major League Baseball/loan Depot

(East Los Angles, CA) October 20, 2021 [From The Editor’s Desk]: With their backs up against the wall again, the Dodgers stayed the course that Manager Dave Roberts had set for them for this critical 2021 NLCS. But, as in all sports, and life in general, it can happen that circumstances arising from an unsuspecting source, can de-rail the best-made plans at any given time.

And so I take this stance on this Series..and its stems from a quote by George Herman “Babe” Ruth..Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

Let’s use a little imagination exercise to re-imagine that the Dodgers were up to bat in Game 1 of this NLCS. Now symbolically insert yourself there with them, as many fans do each and every game. You lose Game 1 in a heart-breaker. As a result, you are (0-1) in this particular batters count, and in the number of games played. Then, you lose Game 2 in another disappointment, and now you’re (0-2) in the count and in games played.

But something great happens in Game 3 and you win. Now the count has changed slightly to your advantage at (1-2). Keep in mind, you’re trying to pull even in the count and put some pressure back on the opponent. There’s still life in your at-bats and thus, the Dodgers are back for Game 4 with absolutely no fear of striking out or losing. For today’s count, you positively look to go to a (2-2) count. I’ll leave it there until we see how this next pitch will be handled!

(Game 3 Recap): Won’t spend too much time writing about it as 53,000 Dodgers fans were present and accounted for while millions more were watching or listening, as they were all once again caught walking that emotional tightrope until the 8th when the Big Blue Wrecking Crew of Bellinger & Betts (“The B Boys”), with the rhythmic swing of their powerful weapons, swung the Dodgers ultra modern cruise ship around, got it back on course, and successfully sailed her back into the one and only, beautiful port of Los Angeles.

I now close with the paraphrasing of what the great Babe Ruth said years ago, FEAR of being struck out, can never stop letting us play this fantastic game of baseball. It’s been one of the most exciting and dramatic NLCS perhaps of all-time and millions upon millions of fans everywhere just want it continue on as long as possible. “Let’s Go Dodgers & !Sí, se puede!”

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