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Clippers Father’s Day GiveAway Continues – Register On This Page –

NBA & Clippers Playoff Fever Spreading In The City & County.

Photo Credit: TWITTER @LAClippers

Register Now For Your Chance To Win This Unique Set Of Prizes—A Clippers T-Shirt Plus An LA Clippers X, Mister Cartoon Embroidered New Era Cap

(East Los Angeles, CA) June 16, 2021 [From The Editor’s Desk]: Saludos and Greetings To All, as we come slowly, but surely back, to our normal and sports-driven lives. As we, who are Los Angeles city residents and avid sports fans know, there are so many causes for us all to celebrate here in one of the greatest cities in the modern day world, our own City of Angels, Los Angeles.


Here are the 3 Steps to Register for this Giveaway:

*Step 1 – Sign up easily and quickly by going to our registration form where you’ll see two close-up photos of the actual prizes. Click the arrow on the right of the Cap photo to see the T-Shirt.

*Step 2 – Next, you’ll have to confirm a good, working E-mail when you enter in order for it to be processed. At that point, your name will be entered into our list of eligible fans. All registered names will be included on the list that we will use to select the winner.

*Step 3 – If our RafflePress indicator lands on your name, you will be declared our winner. You will then be notified by E-mail and arrangements will be made to deliver your prize. It can be arranged by mail, or, if you are a local L.A. City or L.A. County resident, possibly by a personal delivery.

In addition to our many sports teams that did outstanding community outreach during this pandemic, I wanted to pay tribute to all of our City, County, and State Public Health and Safety officials who kept us on track to realize the recent June 15th re-opening of restaurants, theaters, amusement parks, businesses, and sports stadiums to full capacity. Our major commitment now is to stay focused on everyone getting better and always being aware of our daily and immediate environments, wherever they may take us. Summer is almost here and we’re certainly counting on having our schools re-open in the Fall or a bit sooner. Let’s all finish this unforgettable COVID-19 battle safely and strongly.

Said all of that to say this. As we continue with our year-long Special 30th Anniversary Celebration and Give Aways here at East L.A. Sports Scene Productions, LLC and EastLASportsScene.Com, now accented by these NBA Playoffs, we are continuing to reach-out to all L.A. Clippers and NBA fans to give this week’s posting a greater boost to attract even more of our followers’ attention.

We all know that Father’s Day, an always highly-anticipated Special Day, will be here shortly, and we’re offering a chance to win our GiveAway, an official Nike Collection Clippers Team T-Shirt and a Clippers SnapBack New Era Cap, styled and created by the world renown artist, and L.A. resident, Mr. Cartoon. He is also the designer of the Clippers Collection headwear and bodywear merchandise.


The lucky winner, will be able to wear both of these prizes either in tandem or separately. The T-shirt is a Color Black XL, and the Cap is a fan-popular snap-back style. The day of the drawing will be on Father’s Day, this SundayJune 20th. If a Game 7 is needed, it will be played at 12:30, so let’s stay extremely hopeful that this will be the case. If so, we can pull for the Clippers to win and then prepare for the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns. We’ll select our 2021 Father’s Day, 30th Anniversary Give-Away winner at 5:00 pm.

These two outstanding products are officially available on-line at the Clippers Fan Store. Thanks to all of our followers who register for this GiveAway. Wishing everyone the Best of Luck and a Happy Father’s Day to all of our Dads. – Rico Cabrera, Sr. / CEO-Publisher


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