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Best Wishes For A Happy & Healthy New Year 2021!

California Sports Scene Still Missing Major Contributor – High School Competition

(East Los Angeles, CA) January 1, 2021 [FromThe Editor’s Desk]: Hoping and praying that everyone who has very much awaited the 2021 New Year to finally arrive, can now begin to celebrate a new positive, dynamic change as we strive to gradually return to the normal way of living we have all enjoyed, prior to the virus.

For all of our followers who have had a family member, a good friend, or a work colleague become ill with the virus during this year, we’re hoping and praying for their full recoveries. If someone you know has passed away, we send you our deepest and sincerest condolences. As East L.A., and our communities Beyond, we will prevail over the virus due to our resiliency and strong tradition of taking care of our Families and our neighborhoods beyond any doubts. We’ve come this far, and we’ll go the distance no matter what. ¡Sí podemos!

We won’t offer you a sports story today. Instead, we will offer everyone some very positive and reflective quotes that may help set the tone for change in your life and/or that of others as well. Sports is, and will always be a part of our lives, because of the many lessons we all learn through participation and accomplishments, whether they  were earned as a team player or as an individual competitor.  

Until we get back to our usual In-Studio and Field productions, hopefully by March, then let’s stay righteously and extremely focused on our health, our public safety, with mask-wearing and social distancing, and our “stay safer-at-home” compliance with the latest CDC, State, County, and City mandates as they relate to full compliance with all measures associated with the battle to diminish and halt the dangerous and deadly spread of COVID-19 to our families and loved ones. 

2021 will still continue to be a major challenge as we all await our vaccination phase to kick-in. Till then, we will attempt to cover as many sporting events as possible in order to preserve our continuity of production. Unfortunately, we do not have our normal high school “Games of the Week” in football to bring you at this time. For your information, right now, the CIF/L.A. City Section has split the year into a Season 1 (Football & several others) and a Season 2 (Basketball, Baseball, and Softball).or

More updates are forthcoming from their office and we will be posting them up for our viewers to see. We will also begin to explore offering “Zoom” type interviews of our local high school Coaches and Players to the greatest extent possible. In the meantime, if you should have any production ideas, or interesting stories of athletes practicing or working out on their own, that you feel would interest us, please don’t hesitate to Email me at I’ll open a dialogue with you and we can proceed from there. Once again, from all of our staff here at East L.A. Sports Scene Productions, LLC, we wish everyone a Safe, Prosperous, and Blessed New Year in 2021!!





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